Friday, March 1, 2013

The first post

Friends tell me this was a long time coming. And none of them were surprised when I explained the topic was to be food.  For those who don't know me, I'll use food writer M.F.K. Fisher's explanation, from the foreword of her 1943 publication 'The Gastronomical Me': " most other humans, I am hungry."

During Fisher's time, food-writing as a genre was uncommon to themes such as suffering, struggle and love - she was among the first.  Recently, however, food has become a frequent topic for discussion and documentation as the love and critique of food becomes less exclusive to professional connoisseurs. It seems that more than a few boatload of us are anywhere from mildly to extremely obsessed with food and it makes us happy to be able to talk about it and share our ideas and opinions, whether warranted or not. 

In my case, it is an extreme obsession and this will be confirmed by most people I know or have met for more than 15 minutes.  The dream: to have my daily occupation revolve around food and with a golden retriever by my side (another obsession).  Though I am no professional, I do consider myself equipped with a fair palate and heightened desire to be delighted by whatever I ingest.  The student-me enjoyed a newfound freedom when moving to Wellington for university, and I frequented many cafes and restaurants with the help of the Entertainment Card.  Now, I cook more at home and the spending of money on food is a considered process based on previous experience, excellent rumours and value for money (though not to say 'cheap').

I love sitting down with a good cook book for a plain read and enjoy visiting supermarkets, specialty food stores and farmers markets wherever I am.  My cooking style is based on being inspired by what I can find and my travel revolves around eating or looking at/for food.  I'm open to most flavours and textures, when prepared right, though despite my Asian background, you would never see me choose the chicken feet or tripe from the yum cha trolley.  My sweet tooth is small and I am very rarely not hungry.

So here goes: my Pursuit of Deliciousness online.

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